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The journey starts with your vision and goal. Through research, listening to your needs, and establishing the five “Wh’s”; our team will build a strategy to create an experience that meets your needs and goals.

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Now that a basic framework has been established; it is time to look at your realistic needs. The focus of ideation is to look at the functional layout of space, what is needed to achieve the vision, and the practical aspects of technological availability.

Tech Solutions Illustration
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Planning is where the real action begins. Once we’ve established a vision and a concept; it's time to lay down the framework for scheduling, timeline expectations and adhering to branding guidelines. The planning phase will drive the rest of the project, maintain a schedule, and team accountability to provide a deliverable at the expected time.

Using all the information that has been gathered, our team will build a physical 2-D representation of your vision. This time is utilized to begin the preparation and building the framework towards the final product. This is the phase of development, flow-charting, wire-framing to create a flawless product for delivery.


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Production is the phase of gathering. Whether its content, a professional video, or an experimental app; this phase is when the product takes shape. While the most variable phase, as it depends on a variety of fluctuating factors such as time, weather, and equipment; our team remains dedicated to adhering to our framework and timelines created in the Planning Phase to ensure timely delivery of a quality product.

Editing & Post Production
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The purpose of Post-Production is to finalize and complete details of the product while also testing the product in real-time. It involves editing, the addition of sound and effects; while ensuring that items works as programmed and content fills the screen. Arguably the most important phase, it readies the product for final delivery.

The time-line and guidelines were created and followed. The product has been visualized, frame worked, created, and refined. Our team comes together to present the final product to you. This includes installation of the product, a final check of all systems, and a guideline for use and care. In other instances we assist with event presentation and remain present and active throughout.  We have taken your vision and created a physical representation for your use, based on your needs and ideas.


Our job is never finished. The worlds of art and technology are ever-changing and evolving. This too means that your project will need maintenance, content updating, storage, and back up to protect the assets and maintain quality assurance. Sustainability puts your mind at ease, to know that your product will constantly evolve over time and be maintained.